[Mediawiki-l] calendaring and scheduling with MediaWiki

Hans Voss hans.voss at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 15:03:59 UTC 2007

I don't know if it will work in anything higher then 1.6.x (that's what I use).

What I did was the following:
I created a 'namespace' Event where all the calendar entries go. This
will remove the clutter from the 'wanted pages' etc.

Then I have entries/articles/pages like: "Event:January 11 2007" for a
calendar item and entries like "Event:January 11" for yearly recurring
items (birthdays, anniversaries..... ;-)

The articles are formatted as follows:
Example for "Event:January 11 2007"
   {{Event:January 11}}
   * 10:00 Morning meeting <!--- 5 ---->
   * 12:00 Lunch <!--- 0 --->
   * 16:00 Late afternoon meeting <!--- 15 --->
1) first the inclusion of the yearly items
2) in a bullet list each entry

Each entry consists of a starting date and the item text.
Item text can be followed by an HTML comment (so it won't show).
Inside this comment is a number which is the number of minutes you
wish to be warned before hand.

The default 'warn' time is 60 minutes, but that can be changed in the script.

The script is released under GPL (use however you like, let me know if
you do something other cool stuff with it and send me back any changes
in functionality/fixes/....)

On 1/11/07, Frederik Dohr <fdg001 at gmx.net> wrote:
> > I used
> > Christof Damian's calendar extension for displaying.
> > I now have settled on a predefined 'article' format for the individual days.
> > Then I wrote a Perl script (I am more comfortable with Perl than with
> > PHP) that will check each day's article and notify me when an
> > 'appointment' is due.
> Hans, do you still have this Perl script? Would you mind sharing it - I
> would love to take a look at it!
> It'd be really awesome to have a reminder of upcoming or imminent events
> on the main page of the wiki, but I'm excited to see how your reminder
> system works.
> btw: Do you happen to know whether the Calendar extension works
> flawlessly with MW v1.9? (I believe there were some issues with MW
> v1.8.2 before, so I'd rather ask before breaking anything... )
> Thanks!
> -- F.
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