[Mediawiki-l] Need Idea to replace "_" in Username/Script or anything else?

Jens softraid at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 10 11:36:50 UTC 2007

im sorry that i wrote again with this problem.
I became this on my last request.
MediaWiki does not support underscores in usernames.

OK, but we need it because its an internal Userdb and with Version 1.5.8. MW
Now i have an idea, but i dont no how to do it....is it possible.

We have a POP-tunnel to an authentication server.
function authenticate( $username, $password ) {
                return imap_open("{10.131.XX.XX/POP3:110}", $username,
$password );

Is it possible to (like a smal shell-script) replace $username temp. in the
We redirect in LocalSettings.php
require_once( 'extensions/MyAuthPlugin.php' );

The internal UserDB reaches ~3000 User, but i guess we are only 20 people
that use wiki....but we cant setup new usernames.

Any ideas without the idea "Shut up" ;)

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