[Mediawiki-l] Request for comments: Schema change to addSpecial:Contributors

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Wed Jan 10 03:10:11 UTC 2007

Gah, pressed the wrong button.

Anyways, what I wanted to ask is, does this require a core change?


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> As to how to initially populate the table: well, a bulk initialization
> script is one option, but Domas didn't like it either. ;) :P What I

A bulk initialiser would be possible, but would still incur heavy
expense and isn't so easy to batch up.

> suggested is to populate the table on demand, and maintain it later, and
> after a night's sleep, I thought about how to refine it more:

The basic premise is sound, even if the implementation could be ironed
out a little. I'll sleep on it and mess about with it soon.

> There are probably more efficient ways to do this, but I just wanted to
> the ball rolling... any comments? Should it be done?

P = "extension goes live"
Q = "extension is optimised"
R = "rob gets peace"

P --> Q and P --> R
¬Q --> ¬R

R, thus Q

Rob Church

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