[Mediawiki-l] Template title case-sensitivity: bug or feature?

Jan 2036 at gmx.de
Wed Jan 10 02:06:48 UTC 2007

Yes, in MW all articles are case-sensitive (afaik).

Only the capitals, the first letter in an article-name, are NOT case-sensitive 
(if you are using the default-settings).

So, make sure to use correct case-sensitivity in all Links (pages in every 
namespace, incl. main: and template:).


Jeff Lane schrieb:
> We're working on upgrading our 1.4.12 wiki to 1.9.0.
> One thing I discovered is that template usages in 1.8.2 and 1.9.0 now
> require correctly matching title case. This was not the case in 1.4.12.
> i.e. For Template:NavBar, pages that worked previously with {{Navbar}} in
> the wikitext are now broken links. Switching it to {{NavBar}} fixes the
> inclusion.
> My first question, is this a bug or a feature? You can't safely have
> Template:NavBar and Template:Navbar in the same wiki database anyway,
> correct?
> Unfortunately we now have a large number (over 1,000) of broken template
> links in our site if we upgrade. One possible solution is to use redirects
>>from the improperly capitalized templates to the correct ones, which could
> probably be done mostly with a XML import. Any issues with that solution?

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