[Mediawiki-l] This is really disgusting!!!

Yongho Kim yokima at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 21:19:48 UTC 2007

I can retrace uv22e22 ("uv2" from now on)'s thought process as follows:

   1. When I post messages at MediaWiki-l, I give permission only to
   MediaWiki-l to post these messages.
   2. I googled my name and found this:
   3. I never gave permission to theaimsgroups.com to publish what I
   4. I am angry.

Something like that, probably.

Yongho Kim

On 12/28/06, uv22e22 at googlemail.com <uv22e22 at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Every FUCKING JERK is publishing these Emails from this mailing list all
> over the world. There are coming more and more SHIT SITES which are
> publishing every word I am writing here on its dammed websites without my
> permission. Every open webforum is more private than this list.
> Rob,
> this is defenetly the reason, why noone uses this mailing list anymore.
> Perhaps you should write near the subscription button: "note, everything
> you
> write here is published on several sites all over the world"
> I will defenetly unsubscribe from now on.
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