[Mediawiki-l] Commercial MedaiWiki hosting?

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 9 19:21:37 UTC 2007

[Roger wrote> 
Dreamhost will move you onto less over-used resources if you ask them to. They did for me but only after I asked. To ask, log into your account at Dreamhost.com and in the left sidebar click on Support > Contact Support and tell them that your MediaWiki is running really slowly and could they please move you to a less over-used MySQL server because you think it would help. That's what I did and it helped.~~]

Yeah, I had already asked Glen to move my domain to a better server, from Liquoirce or whatever.. to Necco or whatever.. so that was done a few weeks ago.. But, I'll send Glen an email about my Wiki itself once.. and see what happens. :) ;) Thanks for the tip Roger.. ;) :)

[Roger wrote>
Page loads now are usually under 2 seconds for my Dreamhost virtual host wiki, http://wikigogy.org, whereas before page loads were anywhere from 2 to 8 seconds.
Page edits are still slow though!

Page edits takes 2-8 seconds to submit. Anyone know what's up with that? Normal? Feel free to test edits in my sandbox: 

Nice!! I'll send Glen an email today then. :D ;) :) Page Edits slow time won't really bother me I guess.. I can live with that I suppose lol.. However, the accessing of the wiki itself is what is bothersome sigh. I'll see what Glenn can do for me.. :) ;)

[Roger wrote>
No way I'm gona pay US$69.99/month for virtual hosting at Gigenet.com.  I'd try OVH (in France) fist: 
as recommended in an earlier post in this thread.~~~~]

Haha, I'll check that link out then.. I can't afford Virtual hosting myself, so.. hopefully Glen can get atleast get me on a better server for the Wiki.. ;) :) Thanks for your tips, suggestions, and so forth Roger.. ;) :) 


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