[Mediawiki-l] Two questions: Javascript & Top left image

khuffman at NGS.ORG khuffman at NGS.ORG
Tue Jan 9 14:14:35 UTC 2007

Hi, I'm using Using MediaWiki ver 1.8.2 and had two questions:

1) How can we allow our users to add javascript to a page? I tried adding 
$wgAllowUserJS = true to my localsettings.php file but nothing seemed to 
happed when I dropped javascript onto a page. 

2) Has anyone been able to change the upper left image/make it swap to 
another image depending on what page(s) a user was on. I noticed on 
WikiIndex.org it changes when you are on the Sandbox page vs. when you are 
on the other pages of the wiki. Would be cool to be able to set up for 
"sections"/division of content.

Thanks, Karen

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