[Mediawiki-l] Easy way to transfer images from one wiki to another--anything wrong with this approach?

Ken McDonald ken at pixologic.com
Mon Jan 8 19:39:31 UTC 2007

Thanks for the help regarding my previous question about transferring a 
wiki to another machine. Looking at it, we really only need to transfer 
quite a small subset of pages to another wiki (for private editing, 
before putting them back on the main wiki) so the effort of doing a full 
transfer might not be worthwhile. (In particular, we don't have 
unrestricted access to the machine being transferred to, so some of the 
steps involved in doing a full transfer might be difficult or 
impossible). We can do the text as we work just by copying and pasting, 
the real question is how to transfer the images.

 From looking at the images directory on our site, it appears that 
images are maintained in a directory structure that approximates a 
b-tree of some sort, presumably to mitigate possible problems with 
extremely large numbers of images. We haven't reached that point yet, so 
is there any reason not to simply copy the directory, move all images to 
the top-level in the copy, move the copy over the the new server, and 
then use something like importImages.php to do the work?


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