[Mediawiki-l] probably the wrong listserve

Raquel raquel at thericehouse.net
Sun Jan 7 20:25:36 UTC 2007

On Sun, 07 Jan 2007 11:54:03 -0700
Richard Freeman <rfbree at montana.com> wrote:

> Hello, may I interrupt with one last inquiry.  I'm seeing that is
> list  is geared for the more advanced wiki user -- clearly the
> wrong place for  the newbe -- so I'll unsubscribe soon after
> receiving responses to this  missive.  With that noted, could
> someone in the community/forum please  point me to a good written
> guide on learning to use mediawiki from a  beginner's stand point?
>  Thanks in advance! -- RF
> PS, I'm a highly-motivated self-learner, so I won't be wasting
> your  time, and I have good experience teaching myself to use
> complicated  software. 
> PSS, encouraging newbees from outside the circumscribed field of
> current  MediaWiki users (and Mediawiki-l members) might be
> beneficial, in the  sense that you would bring new problem-solvers
> into the fold, perhaps  spawning some creative solutions not
> otherwise fielded.  I hypothesize  that within a short time-frame,
> the quality of the additional voices  would exceed the (initial)
> noise we would bring to the forum. 
> -- 
> Dr. Richard Freeman                   

I think that we've all had to begin at the beginning.  I know that I
did.  I also asked some very newbie questions in the beginning, and
compared to other questions here, I still may.  Don't let the "more
advanced" questions some are asking put you off.  Otherwise I may
not be able to help anyone myself.

My suggestion is to do your reading and then ask your newbie
questions here.

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  --Martin Luther King, Jr.

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