[Mediawiki-l] Switch on Debug-Mode in MediaWiki ?

Jan 2036 at gmx.de
Sun Jan 7 19:05:26 UTC 2007


I'm still looking for a solution, to make MW running on MySQL 5 and php5.2. The 
issue with every MediaWiki-version (only 1.7.1 works!) is still present: blank, 
white, empty page.

In description from another php-Software I read:
    All so-called "blank pages" in Xoops are caused by an error which terminates
    the script early. The goal of this page is to help you turn some debugging
    features on so you can get a more meaningful picture of what is going wrong,
    preferably some error messages.

Is there any possibility, to turn on Debug-mode in MediaWiki, to get some 


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