[Mediawiki-l] probably the wrong listserve

Richard Freeman rfbree at montana.com
Sun Jan 7 18:54:03 UTC 2007

Hello, may I interrupt with one last inquiry.  I'm seeing that is list 
is geared for the more advanced wiki user -- clearly the wrong place for 
the newbe -- so I'll unsubscribe soon after receiving responses to this 
missive.  With that noted, could someone in the community/forum please 
point me to a good written guide on learning to use mediawiki from a 
beginner's stand point?  Thanks in advance! -- RF

PS, I'm a highly-motivated self-learner, so I won't be wasting your 
time, and I have good experience teaching myself to use complicated 

PSS, encouraging newbees from outside the circumscribed field of current 
MediaWiki users (and Mediawiki-l members) might be beneficial, in the 
sense that you would bring new problem-solvers into the fold, perhaps 
spawning some creative solutions not otherwise fielded.  I hypothesize 
that within a short time-frame, the quality of the additional voices 
would exceed the (initial) noise we would bring to the forum. 

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