[Mediawiki-l] query.php (Commonist)

ac@1&1 albert.cremer at online.de
Sun Jan 7 11:50:57 UTC 2007

Without success I tried to install the extension query.php into my own 
mediawiki application.

For the installation I did as described in the documentation but struggled 
to translate 'ln -s ..' into Windows XP.

With 'junction points'  there seems to be something similar in XP but 
nevertheless I did not get it to run.

Do you have any tips?


Albert Cremer

P. S.

I tried the installation because there is a tool that requires a path to the 
extension. This tool is called commonist and can be used to mass upload 
files into a wiki application. It took me a while to get it running because 
you need a special editor (like vi) on Windows systems to edit the .family 
and .site files.

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