[Mediawiki-l] primitive user question in regard to choosing software

Richard Freeman rfbree at montana.com
Fri Jan 5 22:11:23 UTC 2007

Please excuse an elementary question.  I'm at the beginning of a project 
that will require a wiki (or other editable web-page).  Eventually we 
would like to be able to link to various data-bases -- though we're not 
sure which data-base approach we'll go for.  (Whatever is compatible 
with the GIS we're using, which will be Manifold System).  We would also 
like to link with PDF files and with Word and similar file formats.  Is 
this possible with Wikimedia?  In general, are these objectives mutually 

Again, excuse the level of the question.  I'm just diving into all this 
(understanding servers, wiki, spatial sql, vbscript, currently).  Any 
help I would appreciate greatly! -- Richard Freeman

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