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Ted Ernst ted at chicagohumanist.org
Fri Jan 5 14:39:41 UTC 2007

Question, does anything like this already exist for RTF for DOC formats?


On 1/4/07, Erik Moeller <erik at wikimedia.org> wrote:
> I have identified an organization which is willing to spend up to
> about EUR 10,000 on adding support for exporting MediaWiki pages as
> PDF files, and improving document management for documents consisting
> of multiple pages.
> My current thinking is that the functionality implemented, as a
> minimum, would be as follows:
> a) Using an extension, integrate of a "PDF link" on any wiki page
> which would call an external library like HTMLDOC on a single wiki
> page
> b) Support filters on the rendered HTML (replacing image thumbnails
> with high resolution images, filter content by regular expression,
> etc.), and revision filters (export last revision edited by user on
> whitelist Y, or approximating currentdate-Z)
> c) Create a "PDF basket" UI which makes it possible to compile a PDF
> from multiple pages easily (and rearrange the pages in a hierarchy).
> The resulting structures could potentially also be stored as wikitext,
> using a new <structure> extension tag, so that they can be used both
> by individuals compiling PDFs for personal use, and by groups
> collaborating on complex documents.
> Possibly some budget could also be allocated for improving the
> external PDF library used, especially if we can allocate additional
> funds for this project.
> I'd like to request comments on this approach, specifically:
> - Besides HTMLDOC, do you know a good (X)HTML-to-PDF library which
> could be used for this purpose?
> - Within this budget, do you believe an alternative approach which
> utilizes an intermediate format is viable (e.g.
> wiki-to-Docbook-to-PDF), given the complexity of the MediaWiki syntax,
> its various extensions, and the need to keep up with parser changes?
> - If you are a developer, would you be interested in working on this
> project, and available to do so? (If so, please contact me privately.)
> Any other comments would also be appreciated.
> --
> Peace & Love,
> Erik
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