[Mediawiki-l] Free and ad-free mediawiki hosting anywhere?

Jan 2036 at gmx.de
Wed Jan 3 11:20:52 UTC 2007

hmmm ... really free?
I think, that people, who want to host an own wiki, could pay a few! cents for 
You can get a webhosting for 20 Cent (0,20 Euro) per month, including 100 

I found examples at webhostlist.de ... i guess, there are comparable sites in 


Kelly Jones schrieb:
> Does anyone offer free *and ad-free* mediawiki hosting? My project is
> fairly fannish, so it wouldn't qualify for sf.net free hosting (for
> example).
> I'm currently using awardspace.com, which is free and ad-free, but
> only runs PHP 4.4.1.
> If I'm forced to stick with awardspace.com, what's the last version of
> mediawiki that will still work with PHP 4 (specifically PHP 4.4.1)?
> I do realize other wikis work with PHP 4, but I'm hooked on mediawiki :)

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