[Mediawiki-l] Multi-server distributed MediaWiki

KlinT klint at klintcentral.net
Tue Jan 2 00:36:53 UTC 2007


May be you can try to have a look to mysql-cluster feature ...

But, i guess that you must adapt/change the mediawiki source code il  
order to make sql requests mysql-cluster compliant ... :)

should be hard job ... but funny

Best regards


Le 2 janv. 07 à 01:31, George Herbert a écrit :

> On 12/31/06, Kelly Jones <kelly.terry.jones at gmail.com> wrote:
>> It's "easy" to mirror a MediaWiki from one primary server to a number
>> of secondary servers, but is it possible to have multiple primary  
>> servers?
>> Example: 10 servers and users can make changes on ANY of the 10
>> servers. Every night, the servers rsync to each other as follows:
>> 1. If server X's version hasn't changed all day and server Y's  
>> version
>> HAS changed, server X accepts server Y's version.
>> 2. If both server X's and server Y's versions have changed, automatic
>> CVS style merging is used to resolve the changes.
>> 3. If CVS style merging yields a conflict, the site maintainer is
>> notified and must merge the two files manually (I'm thinking of a
>> creating a small site, so this shouldn't be too painful)
>> I realize the rules above only work for 2 servers -- is there a  
>> clever
>> version of this for n servers (n>2)?
> What are you trying to accomplish by doing that?
> The way the data is in the databases, it's a little more hard than  
> that.
> How well do you understand clustering theory?
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