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Forward to MediaWiki-l, that is where most people who are interested just in
the software aspect subscribe. :-)

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I'd like to first say I'm extremely impressed with the amount of expertise I
see amongst all of your replies. I think you can comfortably take pride in
being a select group of soon-to-be very sought after developers. I
personally appreciate the work you individuals have put into the
Wiki-revolution; it's made my life that much more pleasant.

I myself, however, am not a web developer, I'm an entrepreneur. I am working
on a project that I think will legitimately change people's lives. It starts
by creating an online database. From the research that I've done, a
MySQL/PHP combo seems the most potent for what I need, and MediaWiki
delivers that nicely. I am, therefore, seeking a MediaWiki developer to not
simply work for me, but work with me. I have a flexible budget, but I think
the money you'd make from the hourly rate is least enticing. You have the
chance to be part of something for the greater good, like Wikipedia has been
to us, but also the chance to make a healthy fortune should this project
head in the direction investors and myself predict it will.

I am carefully selecting a group of 9 individuals for this project, 1 of
which is a web developer (the only internet-related position). Please e-mail
me if you are interested. I am looking for problem solvers and

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