[Mediawiki-l] Initial steps

Johannes Perl johannes.perl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 22:05:19 UTC 2007

Antony Lodoïska wrote:

> Hello everybody
> I will need an urgent support to configure a new wiki at
> www.wikimauritius.org
>    1. Manage permissions.
>    2. Install a WYSIWYG editing solution for users.
>    3. Create an index.
> Can someone else me for these initial steps?
> Thank you.
> Antony

Well these three steps don't seem to very concrete. You should first
read some manuals on mediawiki and then form new concise questions.

to 1
Which kind of permissions do you mean? If you mean the normal wiki user
groups and right you should have a look at

to 2
If you don't want to use extensions with your mediawiki, the actual
fckeditor+mediawiki might work for most things.
If you want to use any extension using tags (e.g. syntax highlighting)
or others like glossary etc. you should forget about it. It simply
doesn't work correctly at the moment.


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