[Mediawiki-l] creating categories

Michael Heyder Info at hafenvolleyballer.de
Thu Aug 30 11:55:30 UTC 2007

Dan Bolser schrieb:
> On 30/08/2007, Michael Heyder <Info at hafenvolleyballer.de> wrote:
>> David Gerard schrieb:
>>> On 30/08/2007, Michael Heyder <Info at hafenvolleyballer.de> wrote:
>>>> the wiki creates it automatically ...
>>>> But the thing I want is a gui-based cat-creation. Someting based on a
>>>> formular.
>>>> Example:
>>>> Do you wanna create a new category: input-field -> submit-button
>>>> and in the case it should be a subcat, select a parent-cat before
>>> Hmm. I don't know of anyone having made such a thing.
>>> I suppose a button could be added to the edit window toolbar ... not
>>> sure that's obvious enough in meaning. Or add another text field or
>>> selecter to the edit window, that adds the text to the article.
>>> - d.
>> Well,
>> the relevant db tables should be categorylinks & pages.
>> But it's not clear, how the statement for a new cat should look like.
>> regards
>> mic
> Use the 'inputbox' extension to create pages in the Category:
> namespace. It isn't clear why you would want to do this though. The
> existence of a category has no effect on the mechanism of page
> categorization.
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the point is that I had to develop a wizard, which leeds the users, who 
have no interest in reading any docus or additional info's , craeting 
well-formed and categorized articles. In step 2 of this wizard they've 
to select one or more categories from a selectbox, which are in the last 
step automatically insert to the textform.

But what about our dau's, if the category, they wanna choose, not 
exists. So the idea is to create one via a formular so it can be 
selected after a reload from the cats-selectBox.

It should be possible to create a maincat by a simple sql-statement. But 
I've at the moment no idea, how it should look like.

In the same way id should also be an option, to create a new subcat.


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