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DanTMan dan_the_man at telus.net
Sat Aug 25 20:28:46 UTC 2007

^_^ sorry wt was an accident... Thought I was using et... I can't 
clearly remember how long I've been up... But I know I'm sleepy enough 
that I don't feel like digging through my IRC log to find out when I got 
That note on $wgDBprefix is a note on the different level of prefixing.
We prefix tables with $wgDBprefix so that they don't interfere with the 
tables for another wiki or other software using the same database.
The idea of prefixing an extensions table is so that it doesn't 
interfere with future tables added to the MediaWiki software or in other 
But MediaWiki tables, don't interfere with MediaWiki tables, because 
there is only one type of MediaWiki software by one group, unlike 
extensions which are partly made by people outside of the software,  and 
outside of communication with most others doing the same. So we don't 
add a wt prefix to the actual MediaWiki tables.

So we end up with:
For core tables: $wgDBprefix . tableName
For extension tables: $wgDBprefix . 'et' . ExtensionName . TableName

~Daniel Friesen(Dantman) of The Gaiapedia, Wikia Graphical Entertainment Project, and Wiki-Tools.com

Michael Daly wrote:
> DanTMan wrote:
>> et/Id/ = Extension Table for Extension /ID
> [...]
>> Make enough sense? Your tables in this format would be:
>> wtTableEdit_box
>> wtTableEdit_row
>> wtTableEdit_row_metadata
>> wtVote
> Shouldn't that then be:
> etTableEdit_box
> etc...
>  > /Of course we don't add any wt prefix to MediaWiki Database
>  > tables because we have $wgDBprefix.
> But $wgDBprefix should be applied to all tables.  If you have a wiki 
> family sharing MySQL, the only differentiation between each member of 
> the family is the relative value of $wgDBprefix.  Hence the end result is
> $wgDBprefix . "etTableEdit_box"
> e.g.
> en.etTableEdit_box
> fr.etTableEdit_box
> de.etTableEdit_box
> etc..
> Mike
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