[Mediawiki-l] Modifying display of all category pages

Ben Kazez bkazez at mac.com
Thu Aug 23 18:15:46 UTC 2007


I'm very new to MediaWiki, so I hope you'll excuse what might be a  
basic question. I'd like to have most category pages display as a  
paginated list of subcategories, but I want the list to be two levels  
deep and displayed according to the categories' sort order with no  
letter headings:

Land Tenure
   Central European Landholding
   Sicilian Landholding
   South American Landholding
   Tenant Farming
Land Use
(previous 100) (next 100)

For the highest levels of the hierarchy, I'd like only to display two  
levels of subcategories.

It looked as though NiceCategoryList2 might help, but it's not  
working on MW 1.10.1 (it displays some numbers instead of the  
category listing, and plus, I believe this won't replace the default  
category page when I use the <ncl> tag, nor will it paginate the  
list. Does anyone have suggestions for solving these issues? Do I  
need to write my own extension? Or perhaps is this straying too far  
from the intended use of categories, in which case I could construct  
the hierarchy through simple MW pages (though the lists would still  
need to be paginated)?


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