[Mediawiki-l] Bad Behavior behaving badly

Azurite azurite at seventh-star.net
Tue Aug 21 20:36:46 UTC 2007

Hi all,
In an effort to try and reduce spam on my Wiki, I've been trying to get 
some anti-spam extensions. I already have Spam Blacklist installed, and 
I just recently got ConfirmEdit in place; I wanted to add Bad Behavior 
just to be especially safe. But when I upload the files (after adding 
the requisite line to LocalSettings.php), I get the following error:
Fatal error: call to undefined function wfQuery() in 
on line 63.
Line 63 reads:
$bb2_last_query = wfQuery($query, DB_WRITE);

I haven't edited anything in any files relating to this extension except 
for the line necessary in LocalSettings.php. Any idea why it might not 
be working?
What do you use to combat spam in your Wiki?

My most recent bout of spam has been users creating obviously-false 
accounts; I'm notified when their email address bounces. But they create 
articles anyway-- things that look like news articles, but are filled 
with external links, like WOW Powerleveling and things like that. How 
can I combat this, if Bad Behavior won't do the trick?

Any help is appreciated!

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