[Mediawiki-l] moving mediawiki from one server to another plus virtual hosting

Tim McGeary tmm8 at Lehigh.EDU
Tue Aug 21 15:11:21 UTC 2007

We are ready to move our mediawiki installation from a closed test 
server to a public production server.  I moved the entire mediawiki-1.10 
directory to the new server, dumped the mysql db and then imported it to 
the new server and added the same credentials to the db.

But the wiki isn't working.  The only thing different between the two 
servers is that I'm using virtual hosting in the production server.  So 
I'm wondering if there are httpd configurations that I haven't set in 
the Virtual Host configuration, and/or if there is something extra I 
need to do in addition to moving the mediawiki-1.10 directory and DB to 
the new server.

Any ideas?


Tim McGeary '99, '06G
Senior Systems Specialist
Lehigh University
tim.mcgeary at lehigh.edu

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