[Mediawiki-l] Citation Citation Citation?

Sean O'Connor sean at transabled.org
Tue Aug 21 10:55:16 UTC 2007

Hello Dan,

I like the idea of a more user friendly citing extension.  However, a
few points:

1- AJAX...  Sweet, nice, and all that.  Completely unusable if you
have javascript turned off, or if you're using keyboard only to
navigate, or use a screenreader.  Not saying not to use it, but
provide a non-AJAX alternative.  Accessibility and usability are

2- Don't assume that everyone who would use the extension has access to PubMed.

3- Don't assume that all articles are available through PubMed.  I've
access to PubMed myself, but many research articles I am routinely
hunting for aren't available, nor referenced, on that system,

So, there you go, my 2 devaluated cents ;)

Good luck and happy hunting


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