[Mediawiki-l] edittokens

Jim Higson jh at 333.org
Sun Aug 19 11:16:48 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've been away from MediaWiki for a while. The last time I worked on my
AJAX-ified wiki tools, you didn't really need any special tokens to edit an

Well, I have more time now and my old tools no longer upload properly :)
However, it seems there is now a nice, neat API, which should make things a
lot easier.

It seems I need to get an edit token. I've searched around for this. This
page tells me I need to do an intokens=edit query call:


But this one says this isn't implemented yet:


In any case, I can't get intokens to work, so it probably isn't implemented.

Is the typical method at the moment to just query the normal web interface
and screen-scrape for tokens?


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