[Mediawiki-l] Session based cookies, one more try

Paul Coghlan pcoghlan at usa.net
Sat Aug 18 21:28:26 UTC 2007


Many thanks for your reply.

After an afternoon's ferreting around I managed to uncover the cause.

As you quite rightly said, Mediawiki was in fact doing the right thing and
setting the expiration as end of session.

The AuthDrupal extension was the culprit, or more accurately my
configuration of it. The author, Maarten, had advised me to make a change to
the Mediawiki.module file as below.

Exp=0; at end of session

However the Mediawiki.module file exists in two places; /modules (Drupal)
and /wiki/extensions (Mediawiki). I had only changed one of them, hence the
continued problem.

When I log in and out all 4 wikis and Drupal now stay in sync. When I close
the browser all 5 components likewise log me out so all is well.

Thanks again,

On 8/17/07 9:37 AM, "Brion Vibber" <brion at wikimedia.org> wrote:

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> Paul Coghlan wrote:
>> I am still struggling with getting Mediawiki to set its cookies that impact
>> login to have an expiration at the end of the current session.
> That is the default behavior.
>> At the suggestion of Maarte, the author of AuthDrupal, I tried the following
>> solutions in LocalSettings.php but to no avail.
>> $wgCookieExpiration = 0;
>> ini_set("session.cookie_lifetime", "0");
>> In each case Mediawiki has me logged in when I re-open the browser.
> 1) Can you confirm that it's really logged in, and not just showing you
> a cached page?
> Maybe you're canceling the logged-out marker cookie which keeps the
> older pages out of cache?
> 2) Can you confirm you're not using the 'remember me' checkbox which
> makes a persistent login across sessions?
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