[Mediawiki-l] WikiSysop creation?

Jean-Lou Dupont jeanlou.dupont at gmail.com
Fri Aug 17 14:34:48 UTC 2007

I don't know which version of MW you are using but this seems odd re:not 
prompted to create the WikiSysop.

In any case, just register a new user and use PHPMYADMIN / MySQL to edit 
the 'user_groups' table to add your newly created user with a 'sysop' group.


Peter Laws wrote:
> Jean-Lou Dupont wrote:
>> The default WikiSysop is created upon creation of the Wiki. If you want
>> to change the password, you must know the current password (!).
>> On the other hand, if you forgot the password to your WikiSysop, why
>> don't you use the 'E-Mail password' feature of the Log In page?
> Were that it were so easy.  I was never prompted to create a 
> "WikiSysop" user.  I was prompted to create a wikiuser for the DB 
> (MySQL if it makes a difference), but never WikiSysop.
> If I enter WikiSysop, and try to email the password to me (or 
> wherever), I get:
> Login error:
> Error sending mail: There is no e-mail address recorded for user 
> "WikiSysop".
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