[Mediawiki-l] Wiki Groups Help !!

Lane, Ryan Ryan.Lane at ocean.navo.navy.mil
Fri Aug 17 13:15:34 UTC 2007

> We are trying to setup a wiki for collaboration and need some advice.
> Requirements
> 1. authentication via LDAP

This is doable via the LdapAuthentication plugin

> 2. group content private to groups (groups defined in LDAP)

Groups synced via LDAP are doable as well. However, the content being
private to a group isn't possible; well, there are plugins to do this,
but none are truly secure.

> 3. group content needs to be private across any pages created by group
> members

Same as 2.

> 4. authentication should flow to any new pages created by group

Same as 1.

> Example
> I will have 25 project teams of 6 students, 1-2 faculty, and 1-5
> participants. Each team will have their own wiki page(s) for
> and
> information sharing. No one outside of the team and the program
> (who needs access to all pages) should be able to access the team's

I think you are looking for a CMS. It is possible to do this with
MediaWiki if you make a wiki farm, and give each group their own wiki,


Ryan Lane

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