[Mediawiki-l] User rights management limited to users you create?

Katharina Wolkwitz wolkwitz at fh-swf.de
Fri Aug 17 13:14:49 UTC 2007

Hi Jim,

Jim Hu schrieb:
> I've started working on this, and it's morphing into a more general  
> replacement for UserRights.  The basic idea is that I'm going to make  
> it so that the Special Page works on lists of users rather than on  
> one user at a time, and  I'm going to use checkboxes for the groups  
> instead of the menu.
I think it's a great and worthy idea. :-)

> At least that's the plan... we'll see if I can actually do it!  If  
> anyone has suggestions, please reply.  And if any subset of this does  
> already exist, please let me know!!!!
I'm sure that you're already aware of it, but on the off-chance that not, have a
look at http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Group_Based_Access_Control -
this extension offers a way to make pages accessible to certain groups only.

One suggestion/wish - it would be great, if only those pages that are accessible
to a user were to show up as search-results. :-)

Good luck with the new UserRights-functionality!


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