[Mediawiki-l] Changing the main editing form/textarea

Sean O'Connor sean at transabled.org
Thu Aug 16 01:54:05 UTC 2007


Again, I've strolled through the manual and had a google, and seem
unable to find the information.

Currently, when pages are edited, the textarea in the form is
delivered as follows:

<textarea tabindex='1' accesskey="," name="wpTextbox1" id="wpTextbox1"
rows='25' cols='80' >

This is causing a conflict with my layout for some of my users.
Basically, the edit form doesn't resize.  I want to set the form in
percentage rather than a fixed "80".

I'd rather do something that doesn't involve a core hack, but if
that's what I have to resort to, I will.

Any ideas?


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