[Mediawiki-l] page protection through encryption?

Frederik Dohr fdg001 at gmx.net
Wed Aug 15 12:42:14 UTC 2007

> Communicating the keys to the authorised people is exactly what I'm
> talking about. 

In a public, decentralized wiki, that would certainly be a problem.
In a corporate environment (where this is be needed most) though, it 
would "only" be cumbersome.

> Even with user groups, if the decryption is taking
> place client-side (which is what you're suggesting with Javascript),
> the key needs to be transferred somehow.

So, what if we move away from the client-side en-/decryption and insert 
a step in between retrieving the page contents from the database and 
sending it to the client:
     1. retrieve page contents
     2. retrieve password* (blank by default)
     3. decrypt contents with password (no check whether it worked)
     4. send decrypted page
* either via user groups, or with a simple input field for the password

Hmm ... so I guess having user groups might not be feasible after all.
But for crude (but simple and workaround-proof) protection, client-side 
en-/decryption would work!? (Though things like link analysis, job 
running, transclusion etc. would obviously not be possible... )

-- F.

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