[Mediawiki-l] Need some advices about using MediaWiki format in my Pligg Site

neryver at infomed.sld.cu neryver at infomed.sld.cu
Wed Aug 15 09:19:25 UTC 2007

Ooooppss, sorry, waaaoo, I didn't know how could I confuse peoples' mail readers, I
deleted the subject and the body of the message. Sorry again, I'm not to smart using my
webmail reader :) Next time I'll make my message from the begining :)

Good luck and don't forget my post!!!

Mensaje citado por Frederik Dohr <fdg001 at gmx.net>:

>  From the weekly posting "Welcome to mediawiki-l":
> > When creating a new thread, do not reply to an existing message and change the
> > subject.  This will confuse peoples' mail readers, and will result in fewer
> > people reading your mail.  Instead, compose a new message for your post.
> (I don't mean to offend, only to inform.)
> -- F.
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