[Mediawiki-l] Error running update.php on upgrade from MW 1.5.5 to 1.10.1

Brion Vibber brion at wikimedia.org
Tue Aug 14 15:15:00 UTC 2007

Justin Niedbala wrote:
> Deleting old default messages (this may take a long time!)...Done
> Checking site_stats row...A database query syntax error has occurred.
> The last attempted database query was:
> " SELECT  *  FROM `etsite_stats`  WHERE ss_row_id = '1'  LIMIT 1  "
> from within function "do_stats_init".
> MySQL returned error "2006: MySQL server has gone away (dbxxx.xxxxx.xxx)"

This usually means one of:

* MySQL server process crashed or was killed/restarted while you were

* MySQL connection was dropped due to too-large data being transferred,
larger than the maximum packet size setting (this is unlikely here)

* A database administrator killed your MySQL connection manually while
working with it

A timeout closing your connection during the 'deleting old messages'
phase is entirely possible, especially considering that you're on shared

This should be relatively harmless, that's not a critical point in the
upgrade, so the next run should have ensured you were in a consistent state.

-- brion vibber (brion @ wikimedia.org)

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