[Mediawiki-l] Email confirmation and email notification of password change don't work.

Seungwon Yang seungwonyang at gmail.com
Fri Aug 10 16:24:59 UTC 2007


I googled and read threads about the email problems in MW, but couldn't find
the exact answer.  The problems are 1) email  confirmation doesn't work.  It
just doesn't send email to the registered user. 2) cannot receive the
forgotten password by email.  I'm using,
MW version 1.7.1
PHP: 5.0.4 (apache2handler)
MySQL: 4.1.11
Fedora 4
Also, I would like to modify MW so that only the admin can create the users.
Without email working, it won't be possible since the password will be
emailed to the created user.  I'm expecting to create around 450 users
soon.  I would very much appreciate your help.  Thank you,

Regards, Seungwon Yang
P.S. If this question has already been answered, would you point me to the
right direction?

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