[Mediawiki-l] My Wiki, long waiting times

andy andrea at arena.cd
Fri Aug 10 09:37:42 UTC 2007

Hy Roger Chrisman,

> Wait time is not long for me in Palo Alto to that page. Clicked around 
> the wiki and didn't find what I would call long waits. Pages loaded in 
> 1 or 2 seconds. 

The only problem is the first page where I loaded .
Are you already on the mediawiki software, the sites loaded fast, 
it's only the first site I open.

>Free advice: I'd take "wiki" out of your wiki's path if 
> I were you and just suffice with "de", and that only if those are 
> German pages and you plan to host other languages, too -- keep your URL 
> as clean as possible

I know ;-D When I made the installation for mediawiki, in the folder /de/ , 
I have had already other files. I 
create the folder /wiki/ just for mediawiki.

>Random tip: you have one too many slashes in the "Werbung 
> schalten" link of the page footer

thank you.

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