[Mediawiki-l] using pretty URLs

Tikhon Botchkarev tikhonb at jpint.utoronto.ca
Thu Aug 9 20:30:15 UTC 2007

> I can't use the mod_rewrite rules unless I have root access, it seems, 
> which I don't. I know there are two other methods for using the pretty 
> URLs if you don't have root access, but will they work if I'm using PHP 
> as a CGI module? I don't want to attempt the edit only to have to undo 
> it because it doesn't work or causes problems.
> -Azurite

You should not need root access to use the basic mod_rewrite functionality, assuming your host allows you to override those directives. Otherwise you can only use it if you make the changes in the main httpd.conf file. Double check that your syntax is correct, and make sure you are not trying to do any logging. I remember something about logs being a bit flaky and crashing a lot. If anything try |RewriteLogLevel 0.



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