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Russell, Elizabeth earussell at tva.gov
Thu Aug 9 19:23:21 UTC 2007

Ha!  Why is it I only make progress after I ask a question?

Finally found a comment that helped explain some more.  See

I was able to create a page MediaWiki:common.js on my wiki, using the
wiki interface itself... Nothing that a system admin has to do.

Got the basics working with just this common.js page when copying over
the MarkS .js file.  I'm trying the rmEditButtons and XEBOrder now
also....although still some confusion about skin name vs. common.js,


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I've gotten to the point where I'm dizzy from going around in circles on
this.  I'm new to PHP, JavaScript, and MediaWki, doing as much reading
as I can and doing tutorials as fast as possible to get acquainted with
the basics of each piece so that things make a little more sense.   In
the meantime I've got a user that would like to have extra edit buttons.
He keeps pointing out that he has them in Wikipedia, so would like them
on our internal-only wiki also.  
I've looked at the AddButtonExtension that is listed at the MediaWiki
website, but that makes me a bit nervous due to the wanrings posted in
the article.  see http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Add_Button_Extension 
The MarkS extraeditbuttons.js seems to be referenced by a lot more
folks, and possibly is the the basis for the Wikipedia edit buttons...
not sure.  
Here are my questions:
1 - First, has anyone recently done the extraeditbuttons in the Linux
environment and if so can you share what you learned?
2 - The article that documents the MarkS Edit buttons
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:MarkS/Extra_edit_buttons has a section
at the end for installing on your own wiki. It refers to monobook.js and
common.js and live.css, etc..  Do they mean a monobook.js or
[skinname].js in the skins directory that is in use as your default
skin?   or are these special User: pages that a user can create?
3 - The articles imply that you can allow a single user to update edit
buttons by letting them run their own personal js script, as opposed to
updating site-wide edit buttons.  Since they could put anything in a .js
this is might be a bit risky, but if I wanted to do it (we only have a
few users allowed to edit/udpate pages so the risk is low here), then I
let them create pages like "MediaWiki:monobook.js" or something?  As
long as I allow users to execute java scripts is this how it would be
4 - I also found an entry in the archive that pointed to wikibits.js.  I
do see the section regarding CustomEditButtons in wikibits.js, but I
don't know enough about javascript to make thse changes.  I assume that
this would be the best way to make the changes site-wide so anybody
could use the updated edit buttons.
5 - I plan to try again to follow the instructions at the end of the
MarkS article.  There is no "common.js" that I can find on my wiki
installation though.  Should it go in the skins/common subdirectory?  
Many apologies if my inexperience is annoying... If you have
recommendations on how to quickly get up to speed and what my highest
priorities should be I'm open to advice.
Beth Russell
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