[Mediawiki-l] Short URL reflecting wiki structure, no www

Frederik Dohr fdg001 at gmx.net
Wed Aug 8 20:46:01 UTC 2007

>> The problem with having it in the root
>> directory is that the url for the file "index.php" is the same as the
>> url for the article "index.php", which makes everything rather
>> complicated.
> I don't understand that logic.  Whether I put everything in a
> subdirectory or not, all the wiki installation is in the same folder,
> hence the url for the file index.php will be the same url for the
> article's index.php.  Whether it lives in /wiki, /w, /bozo or /root,
> it'll all be the same issue, won't it?

Null article path is evil (i.e. risky/dangerous); it causes confusion 
between wiki pages and server files/folders.

For example, try accessing the robots.txt or favicon.ico (for the
uninitiated, those are two rather crucial files that should be present
and accessible on any Web server):
That will lead you to the respective wiki page, instead of to the file
you actually needed.

I guess there are a number of other issues with this as well, but I'd 
have to ask Brion for details.

-- F.

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