[Mediawiki-l] Short URL reflecting wiki structure, no www

Sean O'Connor sean at transabled.org
Wed Aug 8 20:41:27 UTC 2007

> It might well be easiest to move the installation to a subfolder (/w/
> seems to be standard). The problem with having it in the root
> directory is that the url for the file "index.php" is the same as the
> url for the article "index.php", which makes everything rather
> complicated.

I don't understand that logic.  Whether I put everything in a
subdirectory or not, all the wiki installation is in the same folder,
hence the url for the file index.php will be the same url for the
article's index.php.  Whether it lives in /wiki, /w, /bozo or /root,
it'll all be the same issue, won't it?

> >   I think have managed to stop jumping from www to no-www
> > between loging in by using $wgServer = "http://mydomain.com"; in my
> > localsettings.php page, but someone can still load a page by typing
> > the www in the address bar.  Any thoughts on this one?
> That seems fine to me.

Yes, it's fine, but it doesn't stop people from typing the www in
their address bar and loading the site that way.  I don't want that to

However, someone else suggested a bit of .htaccess that should work.
BTW, thanks for the suggestion to Google it.  I tend to do that
anyway, but I guess I missed that.

> The problem is that the category structure doesn't really work like
> that. An article can be in multiple categories, and there can only be
> one article with each name, even in different categories. Having the
> urls like that would be redundant, you would simply have to ignore the
> category and subcategory parts, so why make your users type them in?

It's not about making user type them in.  It's about imparting a sense
of the site's structure to the user.  It has to do with usability and
accessibility.  It's obviously not mission critical, but it would be
better.  Obviously, having content in multiple categories might be a
problem.  Have to ponder this.  Surely I'm not the first one to want
to do this, nor the only one?

> you can force everyone to use http://mydomain.com by setting the DNS.
> Go to your Registra and remove the www pointer and add just mydomain
> mydomain will of course point to your IP.

Don't have any www pointers at the registrar :)


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