[Mediawiki-l] Need Mediawiki to log users out at browser closure

Paul Coghlan pcoghlan at usa.net
Tue Aug 7 19:56:28 UTC 2007

I am noticing an irritating situation whereby my users are falling out of
sync with their login status between Drupal and Mediawiki. The AuthDrupal
extension is working A OK but we have Drupal setup so as to use session
based cookies. Once the user closes their browser they are logged out.
Mediawiki does not, currently, act this way. So, when a user re-opens their
browser they are still logged in with Mediawiki but not with Drupal.

I have looked throughout Wikimedia but not seen any references to this type
of configuration. Does anyone know where this can be changed/configured? I
am not sure if it is configured within Mediawiki or AuthDrupal.

I did find the $wgCookieExpiration page and am wondering whether this can be
used by perhaps setting to zero?

As always, many thanks for any input.


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