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Nancy Dailey nancy at drnancydailey.com
Tue Aug 7 11:31:48 UTC 2007

Thank you. BoilerplateSelection would work but since it takes the user to an edit page so early in the use of the wiki, it overwhelms them. My experience using wikis inside business organizations is that form is far more important than function to get them to early adopt use of wikis as a productivity/team building tool. I will try to modify PagesOnDemand. Thank you so much for your help! Nancy
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  I think this could be done with some minimal modification of the  
  PagesOnDemand extension or, as Gary suggests, the  
  BoilerplateSelection extension.  I think PagesOnDemand might be a bit  
  closer, since I think BoilerplateSelection takes the user to an edit  
  page, while PagesOnDemand takes them to a formatted page as if it was  
  always there.  You'd have to write an extension that hooks into  
  PagesOnDemand, but I think it would be very easy to adapt the sample.

  On Aug 6, 2007, at 12:41 PM, Nancy Dailey wrote:

  > I'm designing a "skill repository" for a corporate management team  
  > to know who has expertise in some task. Instead of designing a  
  > custom SQL database, I've been trying to use a wiki to allow them  
  > to log on and edit their user page, which should contain a list of  
  > skills and associated ratings.
  > I've set up a sample user page, but it's proven too complicated for  
  > them to copy the wikiText from the sample and paste it into their  
  > own user page.  Is there a way to inject my wikiText into the user  
  > page space in the database when they create an account?  The  
  > primary functionality I'm looking for is: A) when they open their  
  > user page, they see the sample text [not an edit box] and;  B) they  
  > can edit the skill set and add numbers representing skill level on  
  > their individual user page [excludes templates].
  > Any thoughts on good extensions/workarounds would be greatly  
  > appreciated.
  > Thanks!
  > Nancy Dailey
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