[Mediawiki-l] moving to Mediawiki

Eric Frost efrost at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 11:15:52 UTC 2007

Well, you still have to define and set up the subpage relationship, right?

With the Plone Zwiki we never did that. That subtopics list just
automagically appears based on what the page is linking to...  of course it
can't be and it's not perfect, I'm not sure how it handles recursion for
instance (it must just truncate).

But it works well enough. For instance, see the Subpage list on the front
page --
Also, see the subsection Subpage list for MapBasic Development --

No one had to define subpage relationships, I think it just happened based
on how the pages were created and are linked. Maybe this is something unique
or different between the architecture of Zwiki and MediaWiki -- or would it
be straightforward to write and extension for MediaWiki to do this?


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