[Mediawiki-l] User page formatting

Nancy Dailey nancy at drnancydailey.com
Mon Aug 6 17:41:26 UTC 2007

I'm designing a "skill repository" for a corporate management team to know who has expertise in some task. Instead of designing a custom SQL database, I've been trying to use a wiki to allow them to log on and edit their user page, which should contain a list of skills and associated ratings.


I've set up a sample user page, but it's proven too complicated for them to copy the wikiText from the sample and paste it into their own user page.  Is there a way to inject my wikiText into the user page space in the database when they create an account?  The primary functionality I'm looking for is: A) when they open their user page, they see the sample text [not an edit box] and;  B) they can edit the skill set and add numbers representing skill level on their individual user page [excludes templates].


Any thoughts on good extensions/workarounds would be greatly appreciated.


Nancy Dailey

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