[Mediawiki-l] #if not working properly even with parserfunctions extension

Michael Daly michaeldaly at kayakwiki.org
Fri Aug 3 20:54:30 UTC 2007

Azurite wrote:

> I've found my way to the Sourceforge page, and I know my server is a 
> Linux server, but beyond that, I'm not sure which package to download or 
> how to implement it.

I can't help you a lot, since I've never installed Tidy - I've always 
used the PHP version.

You'll have to download the latest source and compile it for your Linux 
server.  I don't know how you'll do that if the server's Linux is 
different than your computer's OS.  You'll have to find out from your 
server host.  Once compiled, the executable file should be placed in a 
directory where you can execute it, then update the LocalSettings.php 
file to specify the location of Tidy and the other parameters needed.

Browse Mediawiki.org's manual pages (including the discussion pages) to 
see what you can find.


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