[Mediawiki-l] install can't find eAccelerator although it is installed

DanTMan dan_the_man at telus.net
Fri Aug 3 13:27:01 UTC 2007

What part of eAccelerator are you trying to use?
If you are trying to get the PHP script caching/optimizations to work, 
do remember to make the cache folder publicly writable. It doesn't 
matter where you put it.(just don't put it in /tmp because those get 
wiped on most servers if you restart). But if you are having troubles 
with this, it's not a MediaWiki problem, It's a eAccelerator 
installation problem because the script caching functions have nothing 
to do with the scripts themselves. eAccelerator handles that in 
conjunction with php and your webserver. Do note that it does look like 
your script cache is already working, there really isn't ever much need 
for anything other than that out of eAccelerator.

If you are trying to get the data cache to work to cache MediaWiki 
stuff. What else do you have installed? Do you have Memcached? Do 
remember that eAccelerator is a mere backup for doing this kind of 
thing. If you have Memcached (recomended) like we do, then MediaWiki 
will try to use Memcached, then whatever data cache is in your optimizer 
(eAccelerator, Turk MMcache, etc...), and then fall back to it's own 
caching methods. We have Memcached and eAccelerator installed, and 
because of Memcached I've never seen anything get into eAccelerator in 
my life. I wouldn't consider it a proper place to be doing data caching. 
(Do note that the installer also does say that it's not installed)

~Daniel Friesen(Dantman) of The Gaiapedia, Wikia Graphical Entertainment Project, and Wiki-Tools.com

Adam Meyer wrote:
> I just updated to and checked in phpinfo to verify.
> I just dropped in a a new 1.10.1 folder just to see what the  
> installer says.
> It is still telling me it is not available.
> -Adam
> On Aug 2, 2007, at 10:00 PM, Emufarmers Sangly wrote:
>> On 8/2/07, Adam Meyer <meyer7 at mindspring.com> wrote:
>>> Im installing on a new machine and im getting this
>>> Couldn't find Turck MMCache, eAccelerator, or APC. Object caching
>>> functions cannot be used.
>>> although in my phpinfo eAccelerator is listed.
>>> "This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
>>> Zend Engine v2.2.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2007 Zend Technologies
>>>      with eAccelerator v0.9.5, Copyright (c) 2004-2006 eAccelerator,
>>> by eAccelerator"
>>> Anyway to tell the install that it IS there?
>> There is a bug in eAccelerator v0.9.5 <
>> https://www.eaccelerator.net/ticket/231> that can cause problems:  
>> Upgrade to
>> v0.9.5.1 or apply the patch in one of the comments on that ticket.
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