[Mediawiki-l] interwiki transclusion with images - second try

Andreas Rindler mediawiki at jenandi.com
Fri Aug 3 09:46:13 UTC 2007

I got NFS to work. So I can now use a shared upload directory across
two remote machines (e.g. a link [[Image:file.jpg]] that isn't found
locally but exists in the remote wiki directory will be properly

Transclusion, however, is still now displaying the images within an
article. If I check the html source then I can see that the img scr
attribute points to a relative path on the remote wiki that is not
resolved by the browser (hence, it displays stub box with a hyperlink
to the image article on the remote wiki).

So setting $wgUploadBaseUrl=$wgServer; would solve this problem again,
but then I wouldn't need the whole NFS setup again.

Any ideas how to get transclusion with images to work without
$wgUploadBaseUrl=$wgServer; ?

Btw, $wgUploadBaseUrl=$wgServer; causes a wrong path if the remote
wiki installation is not in the top level directory (yoursite.com) but
in a sub directory (yoursite.com/wiki).

And I still haven't figured out how to configure $wgForeignFileRepos
and whether this would make any difference?


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