[Mediawiki-l] embedding meebome

Chang, Sheau-Hwang schang at bridgew.edu
Thu Aug 2 19:22:10 UTC 2007



How can I get this statement work in my page?  


<embed src="http://widget.meebo.com/mm.swf?twVrPzyB"
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="190"


I followed instruction and installed flashow, flash, and embed_document
extensions.  But, the beginning and ending brackets (< >) do not seem to
be written correctly to the outputpage file.  They are converted to &lt;
characters.  (something like this: &lt;embed src=. . ./embed&lt;)  Can
someone help me correct this problem?  Am I using the correct
extensions?  If not, what should I use?


Thanks for your help in advance!


Sheau-Hwang Chang

Bridgewater State College



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