[Mediawiki-l] #if not working properly even with parserfunctions extension

Michael Daly michaeldaly at kayakwiki.org
Thu Aug 2 18:58:18 UTC 2007

Azurite wrote:
> I did see Tidy mentioned on a lot of the pages I found, but I couldn't 
> find a MediaWiki extension page or anything. 

Tidy is not an extension to Mediawiki, it's a separate program.

There is a version in PHP that is convenient to use.  Some info in this 

Read all the posts - I mention one of the settings I forgot in a later post.

There is a bug in Parser.php if you are using PHP5 with PHP's Tidy.  I 
submitted a patch to Mediazilla but no one's done anything with it yet. 
  If you have a problem with it, the code to fix is posted here:

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