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Tue Oct 31 12:11:48 UTC 2006

I see the same problems like Gregory ... for big wikis. Auto-Linking would be 
impossible on wikipedia or meta-mediawiki.

But most wikis are much smaller, and there are working often people with much less 
knowledge about the wiki-prinzip and the wiki-syntax.

I administer a few wikis with 100-500 articles, and I would like to have the 
auto-link-feature for in every wiki.

But, yes, i know ... the features are designed for the use on wikipedia ...

If someone knows a good extension for autolinking ... let us know :)


Gregory Szorc schrieb:
> This has been proposed numerous times.  There is even a bug and basic patch
> in Bugzilla somewhere.  Automatic wikification sounds like a great idea
> until the vocabulary of wiki articles grows big and you run into three
> problems:
> 1) It takes a long time to scan the article on save looking for matching
> articles (you have to search for one, two, three, four, ... word titles)
> 2) You get false positives on the wikification, especially with common
> words.  For example, my university's common name is "Case."  Every time
> someone types "In case of ...", you get a false positive on "case."  You
> then have to maintain a dictionary of words or phrases to not automatically
> wikify.  This compounds #1.
> 3) [[you]] [[encounter]] [[paragraphs]] [[like]] [[this]] [[that]] [[are]]
> [[very]] [[annoying]] [[to]] [[read]] [[and]] [[edit]].
> Many wiki software packages use CamelCase to denote wiki links and
> CamelCased words are automatically wikified.  MediaWiki does not do this.
> I hope that answers your questions.
> Gregory Szorc
> gregory.szorc at gmail.com
> On 10/30/06, Thomas <thomas at klassisk.dk> wrote:
>> Is it possible to let the wikisoftware create wikilinks in articles (to
>> other articles on the wiki).
>> Example:
>> I write an article named automobile. It contains the word engine many
>> places.
>> Later I write an article named engine.
>> Do I have to create links (in the automobile article and other articles
>> containing the word engine) to the engine article manually ?
>> Or can it be done automatically ?
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