[Mediawiki-l] Automatic creation of wikilinks

Gregory Szorc gregory.szorc at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 06:16:50 UTC 2006

This has been proposed numerous times.  There is even a bug and basic patch
in Bugzilla somewhere.  Automatic wikification sounds like a great idea
until the vocabulary of wiki articles grows big and you run into three

1) It takes a long time to scan the article on save looking for matching
articles (you have to search for one, two, three, four, ... word titles)

2) You get false positives on the wikification, especially with common
words.  For example, my university's common name is "Case."  Every time
someone types "In case of ...", you get a false positive on "case."  You
then have to maintain a dictionary of words or phrases to not automatically
wikify.  This compounds #1.

3) [[you]] [[encounter]] [[paragraphs]] [[like]] [[this]] [[that]] [[are]]
[[very]] [[annoying]] [[to]] [[read]] [[and]] [[edit]].

Many wiki software packages use CamelCase to denote wiki links and
CamelCased words are automatically wikified.  MediaWiki does not do this.

I hope that answers your questions.

Gregory Szorc
gregory.szorc at gmail.com

On 10/30/06, Thomas <thomas at klassisk.dk> wrote:
> Is it possible to let the wikisoftware create wikilinks in articles (to
> other articles on the wiki).
> Example:
> I write an article named automobile. It contains the word engine many
> places.
> Later I write an article named engine.
> Do I have to create links (in the automobile article and other articles
> containing the word engine) to the engine article manually ?
> Or can it be done automatically ?
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